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VoIP Phone Systems

We design and install new VoIP phone systems for any size business


VoIP phone systems from 66 Specialty Electric in AlbuquerqueUpgrade/Replace Your Old Business Phone System

Advanced Hosted Solutions, 4 to 4,000 Users, Multiple Locations

State of the Art Equipment

Moving to a hosted VoIP phone system is a smart decision for your business. Implementing it is simple and the savings will start adding up immediately. You can purchase or lease phones at affordable prices. For your users that are on the go, connect to your smartphone or mobile device through an app.

Premise based equipment is costly, and a lot of investment. We provide you with high definition quality at an affordable price. The best part is, it won’t be obsolete in a year, and you get all the features and functionality you expect. Call outbound, dial extensions, transfer, E911, use an auto-attendant, and have Voicemail to email, all using your high speed internet.

VoIP phone systems from 66 Specialty Electric in Albuquerque


The 6 Top Reasons Clients Move To A Hosted Solution !

  • No need to purchase a costly premise based PBX and its high cost of installation & maintenance.
  • Our Hosted Solution includes 24/7 Monitoring & Support
  • Remote Programming & Tech Support. No longer will you wait for a technician to be called and dispatched.
  • One company to deal with, in terms of service and support.
  • All of your equipment is under warranty, the duration of your Hosted contract.
  • Most customers experience a monthly savings with MORE features and functionality.

Managing your extensions is simple too. Whether you have an IT department, or you are a one person operation, making changes is easy. We can do all the setup, and help your users learn how to make changes using a web interface. When you see how easy it is to use, you’ll never go back to traditional phone lines.

You may be asking how reliable a hosted VoIP phone system is. What happens if my internet connection goes down? Don’t worry, your phones won’t quit ringing. Calls get forwarded automatically. Even if the power goes out, your phones will continue to work for you.

Keeping your users connected remotely is important to you. You can make calls from anywhere, and you can even manage the system from anywhere. Do you have other locations? It’s simple to connect those locations. Make calls, dial an extension, and be connected to one system no matter where you are. Your customers will never know your aren’t under one roof.

We can provide you with all the services you need to get started. 66 Specialty Electric is a full service installation and cabling company. No need to go anywhere else, we can provide you with everything you need.


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