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We will come to your business and help you decide what is best security system for you and your budget

Security Systems in Albuquerque


We are Albuquerque’s top electrical contractor for security systems. Whether you want a small security camera system that will just monitor an area, or you want a robust system that will alert you of any movement, rest assured we have a system for you. There are several different types of security cameras and the systems that record them. We can help you choose exactly what you need.

An analog system is the standard system you’ve seen around for years. They work on a copper coax cable, or a twisted pair cable. They are very reliable and usually last for a very long time. The IP security camera systems are starting to get very popular. They run off network cabling and record video to a network storage device. The IP based cameras allow you to do more with your video, especially if you need to see something small, like a license plate. Both of these systems can be affordable, and most can be monitored from your smartphone or mobile device. We can do a free site survey and help you decide exactly what you need.


We will design security systems to fit your needs and budget

We will come to you your site free, sit down with you, and help you decide what is best for you and your budget. Helping you design a system around your needs is exactly what we do. After we do the site survey, we provide an estimate at no additional cost. Our estimates are detailed so that you can see exactly what you are paying for. Odds are if you are in the market for security cameras, you have already had a security issue, and maybe even a loss. We are sensitive to that and will help you get the best value we can, not steal from you again.

We can also handle your other needs. We are a full service, licensed contractor, that can provide network cabling, and even VoIP business telephone systems too. Call or contact us.

We are your best choice for security systems in Albuquerque. Call us today to get started!

security systems from 66 Specialty Electric in Albuquerque
security systems from 66 Specialty Electric in Albuquerque

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